The fee for residential appraisals starts at $800 and is applicable to the majority of single family residences in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Standard or common single family home appraisals, for which there are numerous recent sales, typically do not need the kind of appraisal I do. In fact, a lower cost AVM or hybrid appraisal may be sufficient for Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac backed loans.

The residential appraisals I complete invariably include detailed CAD level floor plans showing all rooms with ANSI standard measurements for residential or BOMA standard measurements for commercial properties.

My adjustments are typically arrived at through advanced statistical analysis using MARS (Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines) and I write my own Microsoft .Net C# programs for calculating the adjustments based on those models.

The process of creating models for the sales comparison approach is a three stage process that integrates objective quantitative with a hybrid combination of objective/subjective qualitative analyses, that minimizes the error of qualitative judgement often needed from the appraiser in judging the appearance, quality of construction, functional utility and other subjectively graded property features.

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