Quote Request

For residential photos, the fee is $150 for up to 2300 sf, then $75 additional for each additional 500sf of living area.

For residential video, the fee is $150 for up to 2000 sf, then an additional $50 for each additional 1000 sf. For commercial and industrial projects, the minimum fee is $250. A larger fee may be calculated based on the assignment conditions (scope of work).

Automobile travel time over 20 minutes one-way will be charged at $150/50 miles distance from Pacifica, CA.

Air travel includes all travel and lodging costs plus a negotiated fee for time at destination.
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Please describe the purpose of the appraisal.

Address of the property to be appraised. If this is for a statistical analysis, then use a description of the area (market area or neighborhood) to be analyzed.
Please select the kind of service you need.
Photography and drone overhead photographs of structures are usually required for appraisal.

Provide a reasonable date the final report is expected. This should always be at least one week from the date the quote request is filled out.
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Please describe the requirements as best possible.
Please include any forms. -> Absence of specific forms implies a Narrative Report.

By submitting this quote request the submitter and his/her organization agrees that the licensed appraiser has sole authority in selection of sales comparables and the modeling of past sales transactions to develop adjustments and that this agreement supersedes all other conditions and agreements.
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Please describe which individuals or organizations will use the appraisal.

The name of the person requesting this appraisal
The name of the client organization who responsible for payment of the appraisal work.
Website of client organization, if one exists.
The primary email address of the client to be used for communication.
The primary phone number for communicating with the client.
Name of person responsible for property inspection access.
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